Hey Kids! I’m The Easter Bunny!!!!

7:00 am:  I open my eyes and immediately awake to dim sunlight outside the window. My brain registers fairly quickly it must be  after 6:30 am. Why is that important?  It’s not Monday.  It’s Sunday. I can sleep in a little while longer. Oh no! It’s Sunday! Not just any Sunday, but Easter Sunday! My serial tendency Want More?

Boys and Turtles Revisited

 Originally Published July 2015 A week ago, Sunday July 12th, I was inspired to sit and write Boys and Turtles.  Although the events had happened some time ago they begged to be put down. A simple, and as my husband pointed out somewhat long post,  that appeared to be about taking time to help others Want More?

Boys And Turtles

  A couple of weeks ago I was driving my daughter to swim practice.  It was a typical “Christina” weekday morning.  In other words, I was running late and annoyed because Tay had been telling me “Mommy it’s time to go!” every five minutes for the past half hour.  (I digress.)  As I stated I Want More?

What the Devil Does Not Want You to Know

The Devil.  We all know who he is.  He has many names;  Satan, Lucifer, and Prince of Darkness to name a few.  He is the prideful unfaithful angel who rejected God by choice.  Cast out of Heaven with his entourage, his mission has been to undermine God at every opportunity and lead man in disobedience Want More?

I Am A Christian

  I am a Christian.  I believe in Christ.  I believe he is God.  I believe he came down from Heaven, not as a Zeus.  He came down  as flesh and blood; vulnerable, modest, and new.  I believe Jesus grew up from a baby to a man who taught about compassion, epitomized love, and imparted Want More?

Tina’s Top 10: Why I Don’t Home School

This is a special shout out to all the Mommas and  Dads that home school their children.  You are selfless and a hero in my book! You’re truly doing something that I know I can not do!  Enjoy We pay taxes. ( I don’t go into McD’s hand them $10 and at least not get Want More?

Who Am I

for the Quantico Women of the Chapel Who am I Oh Lord, That I should see? Who am I Oh Lord, That you should dwell within me? Who am I Oh Lord, To eat from your table? Who am I Oh Lord, To worship at your cradle? A mother, A teacher, A Leader. A sheep, Want More?