Tina’s Top 10: Why I Don’t Home School

This is a special shout out to all the Mommas and  Dads that home school their children.  You are selfless and a hero in my book! You’re truly doing something that I know I can not do!  Enjoy

  1. We pay taxes. ( I don’t go into McD’s hand them $10 and at least not get fries!)
  2. There’s not enough wine in the world.(Seriously)
  3. I’d only teach them to do chores.
  4. I spent way to much time fighting the Separation Anxiety Battle. ( We just won with the youngest)
  5. I need a break from them.
  6. They need a break from me.
  7. They don’t take naps.
  8. I can’t afford to feed them lunch and snack everyday.  (They never stop eating when they’re home)
  9. There’s not enough wine in the world. ( I know this is a repeat of number 2, but it’s that serious)
  10. I think they might kill each other.  (No! For real!)

Bonus:   I  don’t want to end up in jail!

Got any reasons of your own? See if you can top my list in the comments below!

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