She and I, I and Her

She and I, I and her.  I remember when she was little and we were the best of friends.  When her daddy was out fighting bad guys for months at a time, it was just us.  She and I, I and her.  Newly married and just graduated from college, I was away from everything I had Want More?

Project Psalm April 28th: God is Greater than You

Psalm 8:4 and 8:10 Divine Majesty and Human Dignity:  I our previous examinations of the Psalms it has been a lot of God strike down my foes and God save me! Me, me, me, me and me.  We are going to switch gears for a moment as Psalm 8 praises God! When I see your Want More?

Today’s Project Psalm: 4/27/16

Of Hearts and Minds Psalm 7:10  God the Vindicator:  Here we find David calling out to God against his enemies.  Cush, the Benjaminite has accused David  of some misdeed.  David is so sure of his innocence he calls out to God for judgement on himself and his accuser. Let the malice of the wicked end. Want More?

Today’s Project Psalm 4/26/16

Confession is Good for The Soul Psalm 6:2-6  Prayer in Distress:  This Psalm is attributed to David.  I have chosen a longer selection than usual because it is such an important Psalm that illustrates why Jesus’s gift of redemption was so important. Do not reprove me in your anger , Lord, nor punish me in Want More?

Today’s Project Psalm 4/21/16

Frenemies Psalm 5:10 Prayer For Divine Help: In the lines I have chosen, the Psalmist calls upon God to guide him along the true path and away from his enemies. He lists their attributes; characteristics that are used to deceive.  It can be hard to discern the true intent of individuals, especially if it is someone Want More?

Today’s Project Psalm: 4/20/16

Captain of your Ship Psalm 4:5 Trust in God:  There is a saying,  “you are the captain of your ship”.  I like to say God is the captain of my ship, and I’m the first mate.  As first mate when the captain gives an order, I need to listen intently to accomplish it.  We have Want More?

Today’s Project Psalm: 4/19/2016

A Powerful Shield Psalm 3:4 Threatened but Trusting:  Here is a little background.  This Psalm is attributed to David.  David has fled from his third son, Absalom.  Talk about family drama!  Absalom had just recently come back into favor with David.  The Little Prince had been hiding out in his maternal grandfather’s kingdom because he Want More?

Today’s Project Psalm: 4/18/16

 A Psalm a day keeps the devil at bay Psalm 2:11 A Psalm for a Royal Coronation:  Psalm 2 is all about how God has chosen a king for Israel,  who will act as a representative on Earth. I love this Psalm because the language is fierce! It was difficult picking the best part. The selection Want More?

The Gift of Ourselves

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over– like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode? Langston Hughes I first Want More?

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