Today’s Project Psalm: 4/18/16

 A Psalm a day keeps the devil at bay

Psalm 2:11 A Psalm for a Royal Coronation:  Psalm 2 is all about how God has chosen a king for Israel,  who will act as a representative on Earth. I love this Psalm because the language is fierce! It was difficult picking the best part. The selection I have chosen brings attention to those who consider themselves authorities/leaders.  No matter how great you are, there is one in Heaven who is greater.  We should remember that God’s will is above all others.  Acting against that will can cause you some serious pain down the road. God is like the patient Father, who when you try him one to many times…watch out!  

And now, kings, give heed;
take warning, judges on earth.
Serve the Lord with fear;
exult with trembling,
Accept correction
lest he become angry and you
perish along the way 
when his anger suddenly blazes up.

*This Psalm is considered to have a messianic meaning by the Church.  Lines from this Psalm are referenced in Acts 4:25-27 ; 13:33;  and  Heb 1:5.

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