Today’s Project Psalm: 4/19/2016

A Powerful Shield

Psalm 3:4 Threatened but Trusting:  Here is a little background.  This Psalm is attributed to David.  David has fled from his third son, Absalom.  Talk about family drama!  Absalom had just recently come back into favor with David.  The Little Prince had been hiding out in his maternal grandfather’s kingdom because he had his half brother Amnon killed.  Grant it, Amnon had raped Absalom’s Absalom had reason to be upset.  Now, Absalom is back in Jerusalem winning the favor of the people and decides to declare himself King.  Sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones…right?  This is a powerful Psalm, because even though David is basically fleeing for his life from his own son, he calls out in prayer to God.  He fully trusts that God will deliver him from his enemies. His situation is not ideal, but his faith comforts him.

The selection that I have chosen creates the imagery of God as a shield, a protective barrier between us and that which would cause us harm.  Unlike a regular shield that is placed in front, this shield surrounds your entire being.  I like to imagine God this way, protecting me and giving me the strength to fight.  The last part, “you keep my head high“,  is a reminder to not be ashamed of my faith, and in times of confrontation remember that I am a child of God and should act accordingly.

But you, Lord, are a shield around me;
my glory, you keep my head high.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Project Psalm: 4/19/2016”

  1. Beautiful! I particularly enjoyed the imagery you shared —
    God’s beautiful shield — always surrounding us …. in good times and bad … forever giving us faith!

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