Today’s Project Psalm: 4/20/16

Captain of your Ship

Psalm 4:5 Trust in God:  There is a saying,  “you are the captain of your ship”.  I like to say God is the captain of my ship, and I’m the first mate.  As first mate when the captain gives an order, I need to listen intently to accomplish it.  We have to trust in God completely so that our way is made clear.  This does not always fall in line with what we want.  Think about how often what you wanted did not turn out so well.    Now I want you to think of a time when you are most vulnerable.  Sleep.

In sleep we are left unaware of the world around us.  In sleep we take the day with us.  How do you sleep? Do you sleep fitfully worrying over the day, consumed with the “should haves and should not haves and to do lists”?  Do you sleep in fear of what will come in the night, uncertain of your fate in the morning?  Do you trust in God so completely that no matter what did or did not happen you are confident it is in accordance with His will?   Do you sleep with a clear conscience, or is your heart heavy with your sins?

In peace I will lie down and fall 
For you alone, Lord, make me 

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