Today’s Project Psalm 4/21/16


Psalm 5:10 Prayer For Divine Help: In the lines I have chosen, the Psalmist calls upon God to guide him along the true path and away from his enemies. He lists their attributes; characteristics that are used to deceive.  It can be hard to discern the true intent of individuals, especially if it is someone we have only just met.  It can be even more difficult to determine if someone is a friend or foe.  If you allow yourself to be guided by God and put into practice what Jesus taught, then your way will be made clear.  It will be obvious what you need to do. I pray the following lines do not apply to you because the consequences are well..not good.

For there is no sincerity in their mouth;
their heart is corrupt.
Their throat is an open grave;
on their tongue are subtle lies. 

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