Today’s Project Psalm 4/26/16

Confession is Good for The Soul

Psalm 6:2-6  Prayer in Distress:  This Psalm is attributed to David.  I have chosen a longer selection than usual because it is such an important Psalm that illustrates why Jesus’s gift of redemption was so important.

Do not reprove me in your anger ,
nor punish me in your wrath.
Have pity on me, Lord, for my bones are
My soul too is shuddering greatly_
and you, Lord, how long…?
Turn back, Lord, rescue my soul;
save me because of your mercy.
For in death there is no
remembrance of you.
Who praises you in Sheol?

Whoa!  What is all that about?  David, who is so  anguished by his own personal sin and fearful of God’s anger that he has physical symptoms, is begging God for mercy.   I for one can understand David’s enthusiastic concern.   Back in the Old Testament Days, angering God was a big, big, no-no that had dire consequences….as in flood the earth dire!   This was before Jesus.  When Jesus came he opened up the gates of Heaven to man; gates that had been closed after Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. Sheol refers to the afterlife.  Like the Greek’s Hades, it was a place where souls dwelt after death,  a place devoid of God.   David is basically saying to God, “Forgive me Lord, so that I can continue to worship and love you! How can I do that if my sin causes me to be  away from you?”  (Good one,  David!)

I like this Psalm because it is a reminder of how confession is good for the soul.  The ability to admit  our sins and ask for God’s forgiveness is such an amazing gift.  God’s mercy cleans us, washes away our sin, and saves us from a Sheol like destination.

Thank you Jesus!  Your love for us is beyond everything.  Like New Years, we can start again…renewed looking forward to not just a great year, but to everlasting life in your Kingdom.

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