Project Psalm April 28th: God is Greater than You

Psalm 8:4 and 8:10 Divine Majesty and Human Dignity:  I our previous examinations of the Psalms it has been a lot of God strike down my foes and God save me! Me, me, me, me and me.  We are going to switch gears for a moment as Psalm 8 praises God!

When I see your heavens the work 
of your fingers,
the moon and stars that you set in


O Lord, our Lord,
how awesome is your name
through all the earth!

As you can see I selected two different sections of this Psalm.  Man has accomplished so much in this world that seemed unimaginable; open heart surgery, space travel, Siri…us. No matter how far we go, we can never go as far as God.  His work is beyond us and is evidenced in the world in which we laugh, cry, and play.   God set the moon and stars in the sky.  It is God who creates the endless collage of colors in Spring.  Is it not God who reminds us of how small we are when we look and see a cloudy sky give way to a rainbow?

In the first section, the Psalmist is so overcome with awe of God’s creations, he can find no words to describe them.   We fall short of all that God is.  The last section not only praises the awesomeness of God but further illustrates that in all things God is present.

2 thoughts on “Project Psalm April 28th: God is Greater than You”

  1. A simple psalm — short in words, yet so very complex and a wonderful description of our Lord and our God —
    Beautiful! Love this readings — A great way to find inspiration and motivation!

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