Today’s Project Psalm May 2: Save Me Again, and Again, and Again


Psalm 9:10-11 Thanksgiving for Victory and Prayer for Justice:  This Psalm has several themes.  We see David Praising God in one section, acknowledging God’s justice in another, and once again asking God to strike down the enemies of David.  David calls on God to strike down  his enemies a lot.  There is something to this.

The Lord is a stronghold for the
a stronghold in times of trouble.
Those who know your name trust in you;
you never forsake those who see
you, Lord.

On my way from walking back from my son’s bus stop I was suddenly struck with a thought.  The phrase “life is full of surprises” is not necessarily true.  Our way is predetermined by a God who loves us and wants the best for us always.  I struggle with something that I am often fervently praying to God about, “Just help me one more time Lord, I’ve learned my lesson and will not have to ask again.”  I am sure you know how this ends-with me on my knees asking to be saved again.

Just today, a moment ago I realized the reason I continue to struggle is because I am trying to learn the wrong lesson.   I have not been getting it, missing the point completely.   God knows my struggle.  He does not want me to struggle with it.  He does not want me to pray that I will not need his help, he wants me to understand I will never do it alone.  I will always need his help.  There will always be a struggle and he will always be there with me.  I can not just ask him to save me, I must ask him to help me so that I do not always need saving….

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