Today’s Project Psalm: Why Lord, Why?

Psalm 10:  A continuation of Psalm 9, Psalm 10 leads with King David questioning God.


Why, Lord, do you stand afar
and pay no heed in times of 

In the second section David offers examples of how the enemies of God seem to flourish in society and find success, while God’s people suffer.


The helpless are crushed, laid low:
they fall into the power of the

At the third section there is a change in theme as David acknowledges that God does in fact see and notes the injustice in the world.


But you so do see;
you take note of misery and


You win justice for the orphaned and 
no one on earth will cause terror

Ha!  David basically reminds us that we do not know the mind of God.  His reasons are beyond are understanding.  What is the point of questioning God?  Yes, bad things happen.  Good things happen too, and in the end God’s way is the only way.  We can not judge the “end” in our understanding of time. God has his own idea of “end”.  It is that “end” that matters, not the here and now.  Yes sometimes, the wicked win, while the devout struggle.  We struggle because we are devout.  Our struggles will be rewarded by not the earthly glory that we seem to hold high.  Our struggles will be rewarded with a true Heavenly Glory that has no end and lasts for all eternity.  God sees, God hears, and God will answer!

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