Today’s Project Psalm: Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave When First We Practice to Decieve

Psalm 12:3 Prayer Against Evil Tongues:  It’s election time!!!!  Man, is it going to be a good one.  We all have our strong opinions when it comes to politics.  Do not even get me started here.  Soon our Facebook feeds will be full of satirical memes and biased articles poking fun at the presidential candidates. Watch what you say at that backyard BBQ.  You never know who is voting for who!  I would hate for you to get some potato salad dumped on top of your head!  The most troublesome thing is we can never really trust what comes out of the candidates mouths.  When it comes to politics and the strife it causes, nothing is more troublesome then the politicians themselves.  Seriously, can we trust anything that comes out of their mouths?  Campaign promises often get broken.  Yet, we still pull for our candidates.

Psalm 12:3-4

They tell lies to one another,
speak with deceiving lips and a 
double heart.

May the Lord cut off all deceiving 
and every boastful tongue,

A little harsh, right?  Well, I do not literally want God to cut off the lips of liars! I am going to chance it and say that David was speaking metaphorically.  I do hope the grace of God will prevail and the true intentions of our Presidential Candidates will show themselves.  May God help our nation discern who is the best individual to lead our country.  Let us also hope that the people we choose to surround ourselves with our not speaking with deceiving lips and double hearts…

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