Today’s Project Psalm: I’m Not One To Gossip….

Psalm 15:3 The Righteous Israelite:

Who does not slander with his tongue,
does no harm to a friend,
never defames a neighbor;

As children we are taught the basics of right and wrong.  The minute a child really starts to grasp the differences is about the time they will also start to tattle.  Many a parent and teacher have to deal with constant tattling, and as a result the next lesson usually learned is when it is it appropriate to tattle.

As adults we do not tattle as much as we just plain gossip.  Discussing other people’s business and then passing judgement is an obsession of today’s society.   Why?  Is it our strong sense of right vs wrong that causes us make mention of other’s poor choices, or is it merely pointing out the faults in others that makes one feel better about their own shortcomings?  Whatever the reason, nothing good comes from gossip.  I am a firm believer that if you cannot say something about someone to them, directly..then you probably should not be saying anything at all.

Sometimes we do need to vent,  work through something, and other times it is absolutely necessary to speak up in order to keep someone from making a choice that could hurt others as well as themselves. One really good rule that I learned while working with children is to ask yourself, “Am I being helpful or hurtful?”  What is the intent behind your actions, behind what you are saying, even behind what you are thinking?  If is not to help, if it is merely to put someone down or make yourself feel better at another’s expense, or even just to get someone in trouble; then you are being hurtful and should not be doing it. Simple as that!

image from pixabay

image from pixabay

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