Todays Project Psalm: Lions! Oh My!

Psalm 17 Prayer for Rescue from Persecutors:  How often have we felt as if trouble was circling us, making the gap between us and it shorter and shorter.  Any moment we expect all sorts of calamity to launch itself at us.  Our shoulders are tight, necks stiff, and tempers on edge as the day to day trials of life seemingly wear us down.  We wait and wait for the first signs of trouble.    

17: 10-13

they close their hearts
they fill their mouths with proud
Their steps even now encircle me;
they watch closely, keeping low to 
the ground,
Like lions eager for prey,
like a young lion lurking in ambush.
Rise, O Lord, confront and cast
them down;


In Psalm 17 David describes his enemies like a lion ready to pounce.  The imagery transports me to the Nat Geo channel and their lion specials.  I stopped watching after a rogue male lion infiltrated a pride, challenged the king, and after winning subsequently killed the cubs.  Lions are ruthless, as is life from time to time.  King David was as wise as he was brave.  He knew that it did not matter how strong he was. The strength of his whole body is nothing in comparison to the strength in God’s little finger.  So what does the mighty David, Slayer of  Giants do as his enemies threaten to overtake him? What does he do when the lions are ready to pounce? He does the wisest thing of all, asks for God’s help.

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