Today’s Project Psalm: I’m Drowning and I Can’t Swim!

Psalm 18 A Psalm of Thanksgiving:  You are gasping for air, your lungs screech out in pain with every mouth full of black murky water.  Arms thrash left to right, but to no avail.  As far as the eye can see, the dark water extends out and around you-turning in and over itself as it closes in.  There is no boat, there is not rock, there is not a even a branch to help you right yourself.  There is only water.  Dark, dismal, cold, powerful, suffocating water.  The long wrinkled fingers of the sea harpy claw at your legs,  draining your strength away, your will away, and maybe even your faith away.


He reached down from on high and 
seized me;
drew me out of the deep waters.
He rescued me from my mighty
enemy,|from foes too powerful for me.
They attacked me on my day of 
but the Lord was my support.
He set me free in the open;
he rescued me because he loves me.

Just like that, we are saved, for no other reason then God loves us.  The difficulties that life throws at us can be overwhelming at times.  Anxiety and depression can foster a sense of inability to move forward.  We are simply unable to navigate the murky waters of life.  Some, sadly succumb and are pulled under completely. What you think is to much for you, is not even an annoying fly to God.  He is greater than all.  The most awesome thing is He loves us.  No matter how insignificant you think you are, He loves you.  While you feel as if you could not possibly be any smaller and merit any notice at all, He loves you.  When you are drowning and looking for that life preserver, He is the preserver. He is life.  Do not ever let go of your hope, hold fast to your faith, and abide in His love.  He will save you.

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