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(click for full Psalm) Psalm 22 Prayer of an Innocent Person:  Written before Christ, this Psalm is intense as it contains frustration, fear, prayer for salvation, and finally praise.  Themes that are likely common in our everyday lives but this psalm is also a perfect example of how the Old Testament’s relationship to the New Testament.


My God, My God, why have you abandoned me?


Dogs surround me;
a pack of evildoers closes in on me.
They have pierced my hands and my


they divide my garments among
for my clothing they cast lots.

Sound familiar? You might be thinking,  “Wait, wait, I thought this was Project Psalm! The Psalms are from the Old Testament. This sounds like it is from the New Testament.”  You are right!  These lines resemble texts from the Gospels.  This prayer of an innocent person written way before Jesus came down from Heaven, is practically a sneak peak of our Lord’s Passion.  Is it not amazing how the New Testament fulfills the Old?  The Bible has many treasures like this one within its pages.  The more you read and study, the more will be revealed to you.  It is like when you reread your favorite book and find something new each time.  The greatest book ever written, the bible is not just any book.  The bible is not simply words strung together to illustrate the history of faith.  The Bible does not only tell a story.  The Bible is Prophesy and Prophesy Fulfilled.

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