Psalm 26

Psalm 26: Would you pass the test?


Examine me, Lord, and test me
search my heart and mind.

I am a practicing Catholic.  I know for certain if I were to be tested on Catholic doctrine and practices…I would fail! It is something I wrestle with constantly.  It is not out of selfishness or that I just want to take the easy way out.  Try discussing gay rights with a fundemental Catholic.  It is anything but easy!  Nonetheless, I know my heart and my mind.  I am comfortable with what dwells there, most of the time.  Not too long ago someone I admire a great deal expressed an annoyance at the “Jesus loves us” message.  I get it. Perhaps it seems too neat, too easy, too inclusive of all God’s children.  I know that last part is harsh, but being Catholic, being a Christian, does not make you right, perfect, a judge, all knowing, or better than. Forgive me, but following Church Doctrine and tradition because you are supposed to, is wrong. It is wrong to follow anything or anyone simply because it is institutionally acceptable.  Do you know who did that? The Sanhedrin did. They knew church law like the back of their hands. What did they do with it? They crucified God.

 My heart and mind do not always fall right in line with my faith’s teachings.  However, they do fall in line with the most important lesson Jesus taught us, to love others as He loves us.  

There are those of you who may be disappointed in me.  You may call me a “Cafeteria Catholic,” wishy-washy, not a good Catholic, or even assert that I am not Catholic at all.  Call me what you want, just as long as The Creator calls me daughter, his.

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  1. I will say that I sometimes do what the Church tells me to, “because we are told to do it.” However, when I run into that dilemma, I work to understand the Church’s teachings, and learn “why” the Church teaches what she does. Usually, I am able to find a way to reconcile my conscience and beliefs.

    That said – God does love us. All of us. And, like any parent whose child makes a mistake, He sometimes disapproves of our choices. But, He gave us free will – to choose Him, and to do as He bids. It saddens me when I hear others condemning someone for choices, because we are called to love like God loves us, to be charitable and gracious. We are also called to “instruct the ignorant,” and I think sometimes we can fall short of showing our charity and grace in the manner with which we instruct those that are not understanding.

    Thank you for stirring thoughts!

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