Project Psalm 29: Praise God

Psalm 29:9

The voice of the Lord makes the deer dance
and strips the forests bare.
All in his Temple say, “Glory!”

Zeus, Jupiter, Thor…mythological gods of thunder/lightening/sky.  In all their power and might, they have nothing on our Lord.  The one true commands everything. Like a storm he rolls across the sea conquering the sea monsters-conquering false gods. His voice moves the mountains setting paganism on fire.

Likening God to the ultimate thunder storm and exalting his magnificence, the psalmist commands the heavenly divine beings to acknowledge our Lord’s supremacy as king of all with the very weapons of the god’s themselves.  God does not use thunder and lightening…, he is thunder and lightening.  Those who acknowledge God’s ultimate sovereignty are rewarded with his blessings. As for those who do not, good luck with that…

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