Project Psalm 32

Psalm 32:3-5

Because I kept silent, my bones wasted away;
I groaned all day long.

For day and night your hand was heavy upon me;
my strength withered as in dry summer heat.

Then I declared my sin to you;
my guilt I did not hide.
I said, “I confess my transgressions to the Lord,”
and you took away the guilt of my sin.

Have you ever heard the saying, confession is good for the soul?  It is a bit cliche’, I know.  It is also very true. Whether or not you are Catholic or Protestant, confessing to a priest or before the congregation, there is something freeing about acknowledging your sins and taking responsibility for them.  Many associate confession with punishment and embarrassment or a chore they dread.  I like to think of confession as a shower when I am really tired and want to go to bed.  I may not want to do it, but I am dirty and smelly and gross, covered with the dirt and dust of the day. Pushing through the desire to just climb into bed and fall asleep, I shower.  I wash away the day, stepping out clean and refreshed.  I sleep better.Confession is the same.  It is freeing, restorative, and cleansing.

Think of it this way, people celebrate the New Year with great excitement and a sense of new beginnings.  We make promises in the form or resolutions, try to put aside some bad habits, and resolve to be better.  We are uplifted with the hope of a better year, a new us.  Guess what! You do not need to wait an entire year to feel that way, to celebrate the joy of a new you!  Go to confession, be repentant, resolve to be better, and feel the joy of the New Year all over again!  The best part..there is no hangover afterwards!

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