Project Psalm: That’s My Business

Psalm 34:14-15

Keep your tongue from evil,
your lips from speaking lies.

Turn from evil and do good;
seek peace and pursue it.

I remember once as a child I had asked my grandmother who she had voted for in the Clinton/Bush election.  My grandmother who never had an unkind word for me, who never got cross with me, who encouraged me to ask any question that popped into my head, replied in a very terse manner, “That’s my business.”

I was completely taken aback and never forgot that moment. Lately I have come to understand why my grandmother responded the way she had. November 8th, can not get here fast enough.  This presidential election has brought out the ugly in many. In a way I think political views can cause more upheaval than religious ones.  At least with religion, there seems to be some implied respect of one’s choice.

This election has been especially vindictive.  I remember once expressing a preference for one candidate and as a result it was implied that I was not being a good catholic. Excuse me?  At first I was hurt, and then indignant and finally just plain old mad.  On the flip side I have heard others being referred to as racist or ignorant for their candidate choice.  Huh?  Emotions fueled by a conviction to our beliefs sometimes lead to an avalanche of rhetoric that lacks sensitivity and even accuracy.  Instead of being passionate we can come across as ignorant or dogmatic.

Our faith directs us to vote our conscience.  Our faith also calls for us to offer guidance and clarification for those who may not be as well informed as we think they should be. The last time I checked, our faith did not direct us to belittle, slander, or even condemn others for their political choices.  Those stones that you are hurtling at the candidates and even at others who do not share your views, all in the Lord’s name… I suggest you put them down.  The judgement you render now is nothing compared to the judgement He will render later.

Faith, Hope, Charity

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