Project Psalm: Muzzle Anyone?

Psalm 39:2

I said, “I will watch my ways,
lest I sin with my tongue;
I will keep a muzzle on my mouth.

I have a dog, Destro, who does not chew.

What do you mean he does not chew?

I mean he does not chew, he just swallows indiscriminately.  Destro once had an emergency stomach surgery for a foreign body removal.  In other words, he swallowed a bunch of stuff he should not have.   Stockings, yes stockings, metal, plastic and rubber pieces, as well as a squeaker from a dog chew toy were removed from his stomach, piled high into a silver tin bowl and shown to my husband and I as evidence of our neglect. Our troubles did not end there.  Oh no! Destro is a repeat offender.  Once he swallowed a whole plastic grocery bag of kitty litter and waste..the clumping kind.  We were sure he was going to die then.

To save Destro from himself and us..the vet recommended we use a basket muzzle for those moments he can not be directly supervised.  I was hesitant at first, conjuring up images of muzzled dogs foaming at the mouth while being walked by Hannibal Lecter.  Turned out the muzzle has literally been a life saver.

As a result,  I  wonder how often would a muzzle save me from myself?

We all say, eat, and do things we should not.  We’re just a bunch of Destros, swallowing when we should be chewing, ingesting what we shouldn’t, and barking unnecessarily. God does not muzzle us. Our Father in Heaven has gifted us with free will.  We make our own choices whether they are  good or bad..learn from them, some of us. Through it all, his Son is ready and willing to embrace in addition to comfort us when we are ready to be healed…

in accordance with His will.

2 thoughts on “Project Psalm: Muzzle Anyone?”

  1. Great visual! It would be so nice and convenient to have a muzzle at times. Or, at least know what the end result would be for choosing to say one thing or another, before we say it!

    I love the visual of being a “Destro”…!

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