Beautiful Tree, How the Evergreen Came To Be

Once upon a time when the world was new, God created the first man and the first woman out of love.  The place in which they dwelled was a garden of paradise.  Everything was perfect.

In this haven the first man and the first woman did not know pain, suffering, or death.  In the garden they knew only joy, contentment, and God’s love.

One day, the deceitful devil disguised as a dastardly snake contrived to connive and convince the first woman to take a bite of an apple.

This was no ordinary apple.  This was

The Apple

The Forbidden Apple

From The Tree of Wisdom

image courtesy of ArtsyBee ccopublicdomain


In the palatial paradise of the garden there was only one rule,  do not eat from the Tree of Wisdom.

No Forbidden Apples

When the first Woman broke this rule and then convinced the first man to do so, God was very angry.  The first man and first woman were cast out of the garden and they as well as their descendants were stained with

The First Sin


Out of the garden was to be out of paradise where the cold reality of the world set in.  Literally, it got cold.  See in the garden, the first man and the first woman had quintessential weather.  It was neither too cold nor too hot.  The real world was different.  Outside of the garden were





and Winter.

The first winter came and the frigid season did what the fourth season of the year does..kills everything. The leaves had gone from green to fiery reds before giving way to coffee colored tiles that littered the ground.  The world was suddenly devoid of all color and had yielded to grays and browns instead.

The sun’s heat no longer shown with the intensity of God’s love and the first people were frightened. They cried out to heaven,

“Father  save us from this abyss of unending slate and charcoal.  Shall we too grow brittle and fall like the leaves from the trees?”

God heard them and felt their pain because despite their sin He loved them still.  Our Father in heaven took pity upon the first man and first woman and allowed his love to flow forth in the form of mercy.  The mercy rained down from heaven and each tree it touched was transformed from the bare skeleton of its former self into verdant majestic trees who seemed to stretch to  heaven.

mountain courtesy of Unsplash,,CCO Public Doman

The first man and the first woman saw the miracle of the trees and knew such a thing could only be possible by God’s hand alone.   Their faith and courage was restored as the greens of the tree shown throughout  the melancholy of  winter.

The Trees were Always Green.

When dead branches fell new ones presented themselves just as alive as the last.  The First man and first woman called them Evergreen, because they never lost their color.  The trees serve as a reminder.

God’s love never dies.

It is always present.

Beautiful Evergreens.

image courtesy, Shelby Powers


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