Project Psalm~Psalm 44~Faith Isn’t Easy

Sometimes things are good,


Through you we batter our foes;
through your name we trample our adversaries

We praise God


You are my king and my God
who bestows victories on Jacob.

Other times… not so good,


For you we are slain all the day long,
considered only as sheep to be slaughtered

And then we question,


Why do you hide your face;
why forget our pain and misery?

Finally we plead,


Rise up, help us!
Redeem us in your mercy.

Life is difficult and when things are great it is easy to praise God in thanksgiving.  It is fairly easy to stay on the path when the way is straight and clear.

Unfortunately the path may not stay straight for long before suddenly stone after stone trips us up or our vision becomes obscured.  Bad things happen and our prayers change from thanksgiving to, “Why Lord, why?”

Why, Indeed. Why do bad things happen? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow pain and suffering?

This is not the Garden of Eden.  We, the children of Adam and Eve, have inherited the sin of their betrayal. Cast out of paradise we exist in a world of sin, of choices. We must choose.  God does not choose for us. God does not control our choices any more than we control the choices of our next door neighbor. Good or evil? Choices,good or bad, have  consequences that are not limited to our own lives, but whose reach can extend in unlimited directions.  At times it may seem imbalanced,with the scale of justice tipping more to one side than the other. In the end the Great Judge of all will judge.  God’s love will prevail and sin will be vanquished.  Jesus will come again.  For now we have faith.

Faith is not just to believe in God.  Faith is to trust in God.  Faith is to say, “This sucks.. but Lord you are in control.  Take the wheel.”

Faith is not easy. Blaming is easy. Faith is work. It is more than survival it is perseverance.  Faith is to get knocked down, mourn, bleed, suffer – only to stand back up, stare the demon down, and say, “Not today, devil! Not today!”



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