~Psalm 45~Will You Marry Me~

My wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  Seems fitting that this particular Psalm written to commemorate the marriage between King David and a Phoenician Princess is next up for Project Psalm.


Psalm 45 11-12

Listen, my daughter, and understand;
pay me careful heed.
Forget your people and your father’s house,

that the king might desire your beauty.
He is your lord;


Marriage is so many things, easy is not one of them.  I feel so sorry for the poor deluded souls that walk into it with that misguided notion. The day I married my husband was  in a Texas Court House standing before a Justice of the Peace who before marrying us sternly proclaimed,

“Whoever I marry, stays married! Do you understand?”

It was just my husband and I that morning.  Looking back, I see how starting our marriage that way was a prelude of our lives together.  As a military family we move from town to town, city to city, state to state, coast to coast, separated from family and childhood friends by miles upon miles of distance and time.

We have had our moments, good ones and not so good ones.  It is during those difficult moments that the words the judge spoke on the day of our union echoes in my head, and well… I stay married. (the last thing I want is a Texas Judge looking for me because he comes across my petition for divorce..) All kidding aside, it has been, and by the grace of God continues to be, an amazing journey as well as a humbling experience.

I can honestly say being a wife and mother is nothing like taking care of Cabbage Patch Kids or playing with Barbie and Ken.  In a marriage you cannot pose or manipulate your spouse to your will.  You cannot place your children on a shelf when you are tired of taking care of them. When you are tired-emotionally and physically, there is no walking away because you are done for the day. Being a wife and mother does not come with scheduled working hours.  All hours are working hours.

In a marriage the fates of your husband and yours are tied together like a knot in the rope that anchors a boat.  If that knot is not tied tight enough, the boat drifts away.  If the knot becomes worn or frayed, it will break.  For the sake of the boat, you take care of its rope.  For the sake of your marriage you take care of the commitment that binds you together.  In my 14 years of marriage some things I have learned are:

  • Grow together not apart
  • Acknowledge the love your marriage was conceived in and nurture it by making time for each other
  • Try everything at least once
  • Believe in each other
  • Learn to listen for the sake of listening, not for the sake of responding (still have a hard time with this one)

Above all remember, God gave us faith, hope, and charity.

  Through faith, I continue to believe in my marriage.  
With hope, it endures all things.  
When there is nothing else, it is sustained by love. 



1 thought on “~Psalm 45~Will You Marry Me~”

  1. First off, Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!

    Secondly, this was a beautiful reflection. It’s amazing how, when we take a moment to reflect on marriage, and the Biblical roots of that Sacrament, the successful pathway forward emerges. I love your 5 main points, but the one that struck me deepest was “Believe in each other.” Sometimes, I can visibly see my husband’s confidence blossom when I am in his corner, cheering him on … even if he isn’t always as confident.

    Thank you for sharing your insight!!

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