~Psalm 46~Protect Me God~


Though nations rage and kingdoms totter,
he utters his voice and the earth melts.

The Lord of hosts is with us;
Our stronghold is in the God of Jacob.


I don’t know about you, but the world feels a little crazy right now, maybe even more than a little!  There’s more violence on the news than a Friday 13th movie. Recent events such as last week’s gas attack in Syria, the bombing of a Christian church in Egypt on Palm Sunday, and yesterdays suicide/shooting in a San Bernardino elementary school do more than just give me pause. My heart aches for the world and the suffering within it. My blood boils over the violence inflicted on the innocent while my jaw throbs from clenching my teeth with disdain. I get angry, frustrated, and scared-for myself, family and world. Then I take a breath and let loose the malice building within me. Goosebumps running across my arms subside as a thought pushes through.

God is my stronghold. God conquers all. Justice will be done by God’s hand and the devil will take a knee.

and I then I remember this,

So long as there are men, there will be wars.
-Albert Einstein

There will be wars, turmoil and conflicts. They will be in the world’s desserts and jungles as well as our streets, schools, and even in our homes.  As long as man focuses on earthly possessions in addition to the desire for power and control the world will  constantly be filled with strife.

Give it to God.

Trusting in God and in His plan for humanity, gives me hope for this world. Knowing the Lord created the world, and even greater offers us eternal life in a kingdom of paradise reinforces my faith.  There may be monsters, but there is only one God. God’s whisper is greater than the bellowing of a demon. God’s mercy and love is more fruitful and enduring than the pain afflicted by the monstrosities of this world.

He is truly our stronghold, our fortress, our shield, and our salvation.

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