~Project Psalm 49~I Want to Be Rich~

Psalm 49:17

Do not fear when a man becomes rich,
when the wealth of his house grows great.

At his death he will not take along anything,
his glory will not go down after him.

We experience this world through our senses.  We touch, taste, feel, smell and see all that is around us.  It is God’s gift to us.  How else are we to appreciate the bird without being able to hear its sweet song?  How can we fully experience spring without the pleasure of its colors? What is sweeter than the feel of your child’s little hand in yours?

Our senses shape our day to day schisms and help us to distinguish between pleasure and pain.  Just now as my cat sauntered by, I brushed my foot against her fur because the softness of it is  comforting and enjoyable.  In our desire to feel pleasure over pain we are driven to seek out ways to make this life more comfortable.  We place significance on the tangible merits of “stuff.” From advances in technology with an aim to make our lives more efficient to a new pair of designer shoes that appeals to our need to feel special-pleasure is the goal.

Society respects wealth. We attribute it to God’s blessing.  I do not deny that God’s goodness provides us the means to obtain the comforts this world has to offer. I also know that in seeking those comforts we are sometimes lead to envy, jealousy, and dismay.  We cannot help but to wonder why the Jones’s seem to have it all. What have they done to merit an abundance of wealth? In being preoccupied with what others have or have not we overlook the plethora of blessings within our own lives and are prone to moments of discontent as a result.

Why?  We cannot take it with us? Pharaohs in tombs were buried with their treasures, including servants, all for the purpose of serving them in the after life.  We are not so naive.  We know the riches we accumulate in this world serves no purpose in the next.  I am not saying it is wrong to seek to make your life enjoyable.  I am saying stop worrying about what everyone else has and why they have it. Do not forget, Friends, we are on a pilgrimage to the promised land. The destination,… that is the goal.  How we get there, is just as important. When you stand to be judged, God will not consider your car, house or bank account.  What the Father will consider is what treasures you have stored in Heaven, treasures that can only be obtained by the value you have placed in His Word and the care you have take with all of His Creations. My Friends, I will pray you do not have a negative balance in your heavenly checking account. Through good works, sacrifice, and charity in this world may your treasures in Heaven be overflowing. I ask that your pray for me as well.

Do not forget;

Psalms 49:21

In his prime, man does not understand.
He is like the beasts-they perish.

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