Dear Virginia, Time to Say Goodbye

Dear Virginia,

Three years ago if someone had told me I would be crying when it was time to move again, I would have given them the infamous “whatever” look. I simply would not have believed it. Don’t get me wrong Virginia, you are a good state, not as awesome as Texas..but a good state nonetheless with a vibrant culture and rich history. You can’t go anywhere without finding a plaque with some little historical tidbit. My favorite is located at Aquia Landing Park, which tells the story of how a runaway slave mailed himself to freedom. Now that’s what you call being innovative.

I have to admit Virginia, you put on an amazing show in Autumn. The reds and golds of your trees are so vibrant that they seem almost ethereal. It was those glorious hues that inspired me to try pumpkin spice lattes for the first time ever. I guess I have you to thank for those extra pounds I’ve put on as a result. Not going to lie Virginia, I still do not like winter. I will not hold the shoveling snow against you, but only because it helped me work off those lattes. Flying down the hill on a sled with my entire family was amazing. Nonetheless I will choose hanging out by the pool in the sweltering heat and humidity of your summer days any time over snow. Remember when D jumped off the high diving board last summer? His face was a mixture of fear and excitement all in one. I was so proud of him, Virginia. He has gone from clinging to my neck with a death grip in the deep end to swimming laps during swim team practice.  D has really grown a lot in the three years we’ve been here. Do not mind T’s excitement about leaving. You know how teenagers can be. The truth is she has thrived here, transforming from a little girl into a young woman almost over night.

I did not get to see and do everything while I was here, but the stuff I did do was fantastic. Your proximity to DC is so convenient. Gotta be honest again, traffic sucks. I  95 is more of a parking lot than a freeway, and what’s up with the whole exit and entrance ramps being in the same location? That does not seem smart or safe..just saying. Still, it works, not efficiently, but works, and trips to our Nation’s Capital have yielded some seriously memorable moments. Shhh, don’t tell the President but the Executive Office Branch Building is way cooler than the West Wing of the White House. He should consider moving offices.

Many Colors of Virginia

Virginia, I just stepped outside for a minute and was listening to the sweet call of a bird that I have yet to identify. I have developed a fondness for the birds here. Their morning symphonies is the best alarm clock I have ever had. The trees in my backyard are so thick, I can hardly see its residents. I catch a flash of red or a bit of brown here and there among the branches and leaves. I call it my jungle of music and I can often be found on the back porch lost in its serenade.

I too have grown in the three years that I have been here. Upon my arrival I was but wading in my faith. I am swimming in the deep end now! Here in this place, I have come to know Quantico Catholic Women of The Chapel, a group of women who have become not only my friends, but my Sister’s in Christ. Through our faith studies and discussions I have developed a relationship with God that has transcended into familial. Because of their honesty and authenticity, this group has enabled me to explore my own emotions and experiences allowing me to develop a whole new sense of self awareness.  For the first time in my life I  feel comfortable in my skin, in being me. Virginia, I am going to miss my dear friends. I am going to miss my sisters.

Did I mention my husband Virginia? Did you know for the first time in 14 years of marriage our time here is the longest we have ever spent together? For three years he has been home and we have grown closer and our marriage stronger. We have had three years of anniversaries, birthdays, Thanksgivings and Christmases. We have been deployment free for three years.  Is it not crazy that has never happened before? They say Virginia is for lovers. I can understand why now.

So it is time to say goodbye, Virginia-I refuse! I will not say goodbye. Being a military spouse means farewells are only temporary. Instead, I look forward to seeing you again. I’ll carry you with me to the next duty station and try not to do many comparisons. Our next destination will have a lot to live up to.

Thank you for the memories, see you soon.

May the Force Be With You!

All My Love,


4 thoughts on “Dear Virginia, Time to Say Goodbye”

  1. I loved the picture with “and then the two of them became one.” It made me giggle!

    Such a beautiful letter, and so glad you got such wonderful memories while in NoVA!! It’s always bittersweet to leave a place that touches you so much.

    I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you there, too. Thank you for sharing your writing!

  2. Anni! Thank you for your kind comments! Our friendship is definitely one of the great things to come out of Virginia! You inspire me to write! Thank you ❤️!!!!

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