California or Bust Update 2

Day 2 of 3 Fort Stockton, Texas to Tucson, Arizona

Distance: 546 (about)

Awww man waking up at 6:45 this morning to start our second day of driving was not amusing! Neither morning coffee nor shower made any dent in my travel fatigue. It is for this reason and this reason alone I allowed myself a bag of pork rinds…hey, people eat bacon for breakfast right?!?!?!?

Kid Tantrums: 0

Dog Tantrums: 0

Cop Stops: 0 

Car Trouble: 0

Cataclysmic Events: 1 Destro the Dog used his lion like claws to puncture a hole in my large Whataburger styrofoam cup.The positive is the cup was filled with water and not soda, saving me from additional sticky car interior. However, there was some swerving to rival The Fast and The Furious while I attempted to retrieve paper towels from underneath the passenger seat. 

Lesson Learned: Ensure paper towels are within easy…safe reach!

To Avoid: Dust Storms! There were tons of signs warning of possible dust storms that could include 0 visibility. We saw several small ones along the horizon but didn’t get tangled up in anything serious, blessedly.

Bonus: Lunch was Whataburger that we picked up in El Paso and ate at the New Mexico Rest Center. This burger place is a Texas icon that I never appreciated until it was not accessible. In and Out is good, but not Whataburger delicious!

Don’t forget to check in for tomorrow’s final update! California or Bust! In the comments  below leave me your favorite SoCal/SanDiego haunte!

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