Texas to California Day 3: We’re Here

We’re Hereeee! We made it! Oh my. The last leg of our adventure was serious. In order to fully appreciate our state of mind upon our entrance into California allow me to relate the details of the night before in the hotel.

Picture this, wearied travelers that we were entered into the pet friendly room of a hotel chain we have stayed with for our entire travels. My nose was immediately assaulted by a very pungent smell of urine overlaid with Febreze. “Oh no, ” I thought to myself, “We are not getting blamed for this.” Hightailing it out of there I approached the front desk, “Hi. We just checked in and just wanted to let you know that our room has a strong urine smell.” Cue astonished face of desk attendant, “Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I am afraid we don’t have an additional room of that type available.” (of course you don’t)

“Well, we’re only here one night, so it’s okay. We just do not want you to think it was our animals.”

“Oh no, of course not. I’ll make a note on the account right now, and have someone send over some air freshener.”

Cool, right? Nope.

Tired, dirty, and semi accustomed to the foul smell which now has an additional half can of Febreze added to it, I decided to claim the shower before my roommates also known as The Big One, The Melodramatic One, The Little One, Destro the Dog and Little Dog. Alas it was not to be. A few seconds after turning on the shower I noticed that it was raining in the bathroom. Yep, not even 30 seconds of activating the shower the mirror, hotel hair dryer, and even light switch were covered in sprays of water. After further investigation, I discovered the showerhead was the issue. Unfortunately I could not tighten it myself..I did try. Being as tired as  I was, I was content with taking a quick bath. Of course my roommates were not particularly fond of that idea, especially the big one and the melodramatic one. They needed a shower and it was unacceptable that ours was not functioning and could possibly lead to an ER visit for electrocution. (I’ll give it to them the electrocution aspect was disconcerting)

Time for another front desk visit, but this time I called:

Me: Hi, How are you? (trying to be nice because I’m worried I’ll be labeled as a problem guest)

Attendant: Good, what’s going on? (What’s going on? Your hotel room is trying to kill me! That’s what’s going on.)

Me: The shower head needs to be tightened. (she definitely think I’m a one of those guests.)

Attendant: Okay, we are sorry about that and will send someone up right away to fix it.

Maintenance arrives, we hold back the dogs which includes threatening to febreze the little one (don’t call PETA..I said threaten not actually do it), shower head does not just get tightened..it gets replaced, and front desk calls back to inform us they are giving us 30% off of the room. Melodramatic roommate tests out shower and all is well…except it wasn’t.

So the Big One, was laying on the bed likely watching videos of jeep mods and thinking of ways to convince me how necessary it is to spend more money on jeep parts. I am lounging in a chair, eyes closed trying to pray a rosary when I hear, “What the_?” Glancing over, The Big One is looking up at the ac which is positioned on the wall behind the bed, directly overhead. The design of this particular unit type is likely meant to maximize airflow to the patrons of the room. At the moment air was not the only thing being maximized. Water. Yep, water was not just dripping, but flowing from the AC, down the wall and onto the Big One’s head. (Electrocution failed, the room went straight to drowning) I hear a sort of maniacal laugh and it’s a second or two before I realized the laugh is mine. I’m laughing and I could not stop. The Big One has had enough and headed to the front desk to return not even 5 minutes later with a cart. So sooner than expected, items are sought out, hastily packed up, and carted down the hall around the corner and through yet another door to a new room, that supposedly was not available 2 hours ago…

Miles Traveled: about 483, the shortest distance but by far the hardest. Traveling through the desert and mountains with nothing to see but sand, dirt, and rocks that are only awesome for the first hour in addition to  encountering a sign advising us to turn off our ac to prevent overheating. Mind you it was 103 degrees outside…

Kid Tantrums: at least 3 from The Little One. I was seriously considering leaving him on the side of the road for a few minutes..(just kidding..maybe)

Dog Tantrums: 0

Cop Stops: 0

Car Issues: 0 (unless you count the lead vehicle in our convoy also known as the jeep being battered by wind and battling hills/mountains…)

Cataclysmic events: 1, the face of my Apple Watch popped off-the adhesive probably melted due to heat exposure. On top of that, it was resting in my lap and when I got out of the truck, Destro Dog knocked it to the ground and stepped on it, so now the face in addition to being detached is chipped. RIP Apple Watch.

Best Stop: Friend’s House in California because everyone in my vehicle seriously had to pee.

Lesson Learned: When you have to go more than 2 hours without a bathroom break it’s not a good idea to drink an extra large cup of  Mountain Dew.

Avoided: Falling rocks..we didn’t actually encounter any but there were tons of signs warning us of them.

Bonus: We made it safe and sound! Give all glory to God!

Double Bonus: We get to spend 2 weeks in a hotel room before our house is ready. That’s me, the Big One, the Melodramatic One, the Little One, Destro Dog, and the Little Dog all in one room. But, hey it has a kitchenette!

Got any ideas on how not to go insane in a hotel room with kids? Feel free to leave them in the comments below! I’m going to need all the help I can get!

6 thoughts on “Texas to California Day 3: We’re Here”

  1. Glad you finally made it to California! Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you had a cat in tow also? Did I miss something?

  2. Look at bright side! You guys are in the land of In & Out Burger and the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl!

    You’re welcome.

  3. Look at bright side! You guys are in the land of In & Out Burger and the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl!

    You’re welcome.

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