Casually Chic, No Weeds Allowed

This Sunday In California:

The room is warm and I’m sleepy. This mass starts at 10:30, an hour and a half later than the mass we attended in VA. I’ve been up since 6:30, because I’m stuck in a hotel room with two dogs whose whining to potty I cannot ignore.

It’s the wheat and weeds reading. All I can think is, “I don’t want to be a weed. I want to be wheat. Does half listening in mass make me a weed? I don’t want to burn in the fiery furnace. I want to go to the barn with the other wheat,” Then “Is there any literal truth to this parable? If I let the weeds grow with the flowers I plant, can I just pull them up later? Will that work? I thought weeds killed the good plants. Isn’t there a parable about weeds choking wheat?”

Yeah, I got a little lost in my head there, nonetheless the message stuck.

Don’t be a weed. 

My Sunday Best

This post is part of Rosie’s My Sunday Best Series!

Casualy Chic, No Weeds Allowed! Want info on this Sunday Service To Sunday Sightseeing outfit? Click through to get the full description!

If you’ve been following my travel posts then you are aware I have been living out of suitcases for 7 weeks, therefor my wardrobe is very much limited! As a result, many of the pieces in my wardrobe have had to double for out on the town and out and about.

This Sunday I paired salmon pink VIP stretch skinny pants/jeans from Ross with a scalloped white scooped neck blouse from Stitchfix. It’s a great blouse because it can be dressed up or down. Patent leather nude flip flops are casually chic and made sightseeing after mass manageable! The statue I’m with is of St Barbara the Patron Saint of Artillery. She’s located at one of the small chapels aboard Camp Pendleton.

St Barbara is dressed to the Nine's! Click through to see my casually chic outfit

What’s your go to accessory when you need to dress a simple outfit up?

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8 thoughts on “Casually Chic, No Weeds Allowed”

  1. My dad was an artilleryman, and he and my mother used to have St. Barbara parties even though they were not Catholic—not even Episcopalian at that point.

    1. Hi Melissa! Yeah the Order of St Barbara is a big deal in the Artillery Community with balls or dinners held every year. They’re a lot of fun, with the emphasis more on the lightening from the sky than Barbara’s conversion to Christianity.

  2. Wow. I. Love. Your. Blog!!
    I could get lost here. Between the travel, the gorgeous pics, your amazing writing style and the weaving of the faith in your posts, this is right up my alley. You were kind enough to leave a com on my recent post ( Campfires and Cleats ) and I wanted to stop over and say hi!
    I am on the road now with the family….cross country camping…the hubby and boys are on the hike to Phantom Ranch now ( we all did the hike from rim to river last year and I am staying up at the south rim this year!) I had a few min to get caught up on email while my phone charges and laundry gets done……… I saw your com and clicked over.

    I would LOVE to sub. Can I get posts in my email? Do you have that option? If so, I’m sorry, I’m not seeing it….I can follow you on social media too but I love getting my fave blogs in my inbox. I’ll cont to look around, but if you don’t mind commenting and letting me know, I would love that. We won’t be home for another week or so. I may not be checking in online til then.

    God bless and thank you for these beautiful posts I’ve had the chance to peruse while here!

    1. You leave the BEST comments!!! The subscribe button to receive posts in email is near the bottom of the page, it shows up by my twitter feed on my phone. Now I’m thinking I might need a better subscribe button!

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