Dear Virginia, Time to Say Goodbye

Dear Virginia, Three years ago if someone had told me I would be crying when it was time to move again, I would have given them the infamous “whatever” look. I simply would not have believed it. Don’t get me wrong Virginia, you are a good state, not as awesome as Texas..but a good state Want More?

~Psalm 45~Will You Marry Me~

My wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  Seems fitting that this particular Psalm written to commemorate the marriage between King David and a Phoenician Princess is next up for Project Psalm.   Psalm 45 11-12 Listen, my daughter, and understand; pay me careful heed. Forget your people and your father’s house, that the king might desire your Want More?

God Still Puts Rainbows In The Sky

  Driving down a road I don’t normally venture down because of its multiple blind spots and twisty winding nature, I was somewhat despondent, despite the rally to move on video that I had posted on Facebook earlier that day.  Lost in thought over the election results and what it implicated about our country, I Want More?

Eye-glass Prescription, Seeing the World a Little Clearer

For my birthday I decided to give the gift of humility to myself.  I feel it is important to be self aware and work on yourself, particularly if you are as opinionated as moi’. First step, quite frankly possibly the only one,  is to try and be a better listener and not talk about myself so much. Want More?

Tick..Tock Goes the Clock: Tips for Time

  Tick Tock goes the clock.  I am one of those people who is either late or early.  Okay, I’ll own it. I am one of those people who is always late.  With every tick and every tock time just seems to get away from me. A lot of it has to do with the fact Want More?

Labels, Lines, Loyalties

When I was a little girl, I had a conversation with my mother that went something like this, “Mommy, what am I?” “What do you mean what are you?” “I mean am I white, or am I black?” “You’re American, and if anyone ever asks you that’s what you say. I’m American.” Although I cannot Want More?

Perfectly Imperfect: Living With ADHD

My brain is a whirling, twirling, swirling tornado.  As I move through my day,  everything around me is pulled in and  gets caught up in a continuous rotation as it is dissected, analyzed, and discarded in the form of  misplaced keys, wayward cell phones, unfinished projects, forgotten names, faces, and moodiness.  How things smell, look, feel, Want More?

All I really need to know I learned in….

Kindergarten  The Bible Psalm 19:  Have you ever seen Robert Fulghum’s quote,  All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten?  Teachers will sometimes have the poster up in their classrooms.  The basic rules of kindergarten and how they apply to life is more than just amusing, it is insightful.  In my kindergarten religious education class Want More?

Freedom is not Free

Memorial Day generally heralds the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.  Many head to the beach, celebrate with family and friends, hit those spectacular sales, and just kick back and relax.  Well, my kids do not get out of school until mid June,  it does not feel much like summer here Want More?

She and I, I and Her

She and I, I and her.  I remember when she was little and we were the best of friends.  When her daddy was out fighting bad guys for months at a time, it was just us.  She and I, I and her.  Newly married and just graduated from college, I was away from everything I had Want More?