Texas to California Day 3: We’re Here

We’re Hereeee! We made it! Oh my. The last leg of our adventure was serious. In order to fully appreciate our state of mind upon our entrance into California allow me to relate the details of the night before in the hotel. Picture this, wearied travelers that we were entered into the pet friendly room Want More?

Conversations With My Pets: Featuring Ginger

Ginger Snacks   “Hey Ginger, what are you doing?”         “Getting myself some Ginger Snacks.”         “Ummm, well one, that’s not okay and two those are not Ginger Snacks. They’re Scooby Snacks…for the dogs.”         “One, what’s your point and two what’s your point?”     Want More?

Book Review~Paper Bag Princess

Robert Munsch’s Paper Bag Princess Synopsis:  An ordinary princess learns just how extraordinary she really is. Genere:  Children’s Fairytale What Critics Thought:  Highly acclaimed and beloved book, originally published April 1980 and is endorsed by the National Organization of Women.  It has an average rating of 4.2 on both Goodreads and Amazon. Why I read Want More?