Boys and Turtles Revisited

 Originally Published July 2015 A week ago, Sunday July 12th, I was inspired to sit and write Boys and Turtles.  Although the events had happened some time ago they begged to be put down. A simple, and as my husband pointed out somewhat long post,  that appeared to be about taking time to help others Want More?

Boys And Turtles

  A couple of weeks ago I was driving my daughter to swim practice.  It was a typical “Christina” weekday morning.  In other words, I was running late and annoyed because Tay had been telling me “Mommy it’s time to go!” every five minutes for the past half hour.  (I digress.)  As I stated I Want More?

I Am A Christian

  I am a Christian.  I believe in Christ.  I believe he is God.  I believe he came down from Heaven, not as a Zeus.  He came down  as flesh and blood; vulnerable, modest, and new.  I believe Jesus grew up from a baby to a man who taught about compassion, epitomized love, and imparted Want More?